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2011-2012 Omaha Hip Hop Awards

Shamrock's Bar N Grill

5338 North 103rd Street Omaha, NE 68134

This event has already passed by. Sorry.

Event Description

*Sponsored by Psquared Media, the Omaha Hip Hop Awards recognizes the achievements and talents of urban recording artists, print and video models, DJ's and breakdancers. With over 14,000 total votes spanning 20 categories, the O.H.A.'s represent the most extensive coverage of Omaha and Lincoln area hip hop talent. Please join us in celebrating these achievements by ordering your tickets today!

Ticket Purchase Includes:

*Admission to the official ceremony and concert after party held at Shamrock's Bar N Grill (50$ Value)

*Reserved Table (20$ Value)

*All You Can Eat Buffet (15$ Value)

*Access to the Bar at Formal Ceremony

*Free Merchandise (25$ Value)

*Beautiful Ladies Presenting Awards All Night (Priceless)


2011-2012 Omaha Hip Hop Award Nominees

Best Male Artist                          Best Female Group

*King James                                *Prototype XX

*Tang                                           * The Last Few

*Galvanized Tron                         * Purveyors of Conscious Sound

*Prophacy                                     Best Lincoln Artist

*Jimmy Hooligan                          * E-Nutt

*Rico Law                                     * X Factor

*El Genius                                    * AZP

*Saint Mic the Archangel              * Scru Face Jean


*Joe Pro                                          Best Male R&B

*Delreece                                      * Johnny Lowe

                                                      * Taggiz

                                                      * Toot Brown 

Best Female Artist                       * Shawn Passion

*Breathless                                    * Shafeeq Coleman

*Cristina B.                                     * Soulja

*Ekco                                             * Sergio Douglass                                              

*Shannon Marie                           Best Female R&B

*Lunatik Eagle Feather                * Cristina B.

*Kamouflage                                * Mz Newbraska

*Liz Graham                                 * Dani Cleveland

*Ashten James                             * Precious Franklin

*Dani Cleveland                           * Sheena Glover


Best New Artist                           Best Latin Artist/Group

*Helix Troy                                   * O.T.R. (Only the Real)

*Joe Pro                                       * Stylo

*Yung Hogg                                  * Billy Dha Kidd

*Buckley Productions                   * Latin Threat

*Aso                                             * Block Movement

*Holla K                                        Best Mix DJ

*KB the Kid                                   *DJ E.Babbs     

*Tae N Ace                                    *DJ RCon

Best Male Group                         *DJ Yoshi Demons                     

*That Leeg                                      * DJ Scottie Pimpin

*Yung Savages                              * DJ JVC

*Jump Out Squad                          * Mista Soull

*The Last Few                               * DJ Shor-T

*Ill Intentions                                

*Block Burners                          

*Angels With Dirty Faces              Best Scratch DJ

*Noizewave                                  * DJ Mississippi

*Block Movement                         * DJ E.Babbs

                                                        * DJ Real

                                                        * DJ CMB

Best Video                                  

 * "So Hard" El Genius Ft. Stylo and Sheena Glover

* "Gotta Get It" Block Movement Ft. Lucky Luciano

* "Fly Swatta" Jimmy Hooligan

* "If U Go" Pflames Ft. J-R.O.C.K.

* "TNT" Toot Brown Ft. Shannon Marie

* "Revolution" Jamazz

* "You Nasty" Galvanized Tron


Best Party DJ                                     Best Model (Video and Print)

* DJ Bishop                                          *Rissa Marie

* 16 Barz                                              *Lianna Rain

* DJ Skyscraper                                   *Destiny Diamond

* Mista Soull                                         *Hillary Kemp

                                                              *Shannon Nicole

                                                               *Kara Garman


Promoter of the year                         

*Bo the Hustle-Holic                            

*Reggie Clark

*Andre Rash

*Boomer Mills

*Ron Jones (Handz On Ent)

*Josh Ginsburg

*Red from Best Yett Entertainment


Best Producer



*Rick James of the Beatnicks

*Alfonzo Jones (Icon One)



*El Genius Productions

*Hustle Boi


Best Original Song

* "No Way No How" J-R.O.C.K.

* "Hooligans" Jimmy Hooligan

* "Big Money" Yung Hogg

* "Revolution" Jamazz

* "Figs From Foolish" Conchance

* "Long Neck Money" Mr. Buck Ft. Kamouflage and Ecko

* "Cold As Ice" Joker Vendetti

* "Polo" King James

* "So Hard" El Genius Ft. Stylo and Sheena Glover

* "Joint" Joe Stickman

* "You Nasty" Galvanized Tron


Best Mixtape

*K-So "St. Valentines Day Massacre

*Tommy Lou "Kareer Krook"

*Tang "Mynd Pays"

*Delreece "Futures Past"

*Trendz "Live Slow Die Old"

*Bobby Danj and Deejay CMB "Self-Titled"

*Da Big 3 "Big City Lights"

*Various "Welcome to North Omaha Mixtape Series"


Best Original Album

*J-R.O.C.K. "Attention Whore"

*Various "No-Coastra Noastra"

*Jimmy Hooligan "M.O. Strikes Back"

*Galvanized Tron "Self-Titled"

*Aso "True Story"

*El Genius "The Long Ride 2 : Prints of the City"

*Jamazz "Brilliance Dynamic Neon"

*Various "Black and Brown Pride"

Best B-Boy/B-Girl or Crew

*The Fourfront

*Annie Houston


*O.Ne Crew

*Groove Fellaz

*The Basmant

*All New Krew

*Brenton Donaldson

*Art Boogie

*Antwuan Bradshaw


Hosted By Champ Da Hillbilly and Tyrie Ballard-Brown from MTV's Real World Denver


***Seating is extremely limited early arrival is strongly recommended. This is a formal event so please dress to impress your fellow musicians, models, b-boys and dj's. Security will be strictly enforced. Powered By Omaha Nebraska and Psquared Media for more information go to

Map of Event Location
July 13th, 2012  6:00 pmJuly 14th, 2012  2:00 am